The Power Of Your $1

  • The love of all child is worth more than a $1.
  • Do you love your child?
  • Donate a dollar and support my daughter!
  • Donate a dollar and support my son!
  • Protect their futures!
  • School support. We provide money!
  • Money for drug preventions!
  • Money for suicide prevention!
  • Money for anti-bullying education!
  • Money for student allowance!
  • Money for higher education!
  • Money for great grades!
  • Money for local grants!
  • Innovative unique products!
  • Internet of Things (IoT) technology!
  • (IoT) 6 trillion spent over the next 5 years!
  • Wearable GPS technologies!
  • Child Pro crowdfunding technology!
  • Crowdsourcing data for everything!
  • Beacons, RFID Antennas and Bluetooth dreams!
  • Advertising and Marketing for all!
  • Big data gathering and distribution!
  • Advanced marketplace technologies!
  • Our own virtual currency provided to all!
  • Students learn the power of goals!
  • Students get paid for chores!
  • Students learn banking!
  • Creates a greener planet!
  • Healthy Families!
  • Healing from Trauma!
  • Succeed at school!
  • Navigating through change!
  • Cleaner community air!
  • Cleaner community water!
  • Good Parenting!
  • Relationship Advisor!
  • Advanced GPS Technologies!
  • Macro priced insurance!
  • We change lives!
  • We create paths for success!
  • We save lives!
  • Citizen’s, business and government work together!
  • Students get pre-paid cards!
  • Students learn personal finance management!
  • Grandparents get task done!
  • Family and friends get cheap labor!
  • To-do lists of those your trust!
  • Parents control the access to money!
  • Community bonding!
  • Crowd funded community economics!
  • Family and friends are motivated to care!
  • Every business is part of the conversation!
  • Doubles and quintuples landfill revenues!
  • Local business increased productivity!
  • Lower operating cost!
  • Community technology and business solutions!
  • Mobile applications available for licensing!
  • Community voice for social good!
  • There are literally 100’s of additional benefits and tools!

Did we mention our own Virtual Currency (VC)?

We also call it “VC-Due” as in you are Due the Value of your data.

We will soon pay you for everything you do in today’s connected world. Whether on our site(s), on your site on 3 rd party sites, in apps, data from both online and offline, your rewards, your awards, your miles you name it, we do not care where the data is from. It all has huge value. We produce disruptive revolutionary things. This is just the beginning of some of the rocket fuel we have coming…!!!

Consortium Change

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We will be in your community. Focused on your child, all children and your community!